Gen. Mtg. Notes

On Sunday 07 April 2013, the General Meeting was attended by 12 pipers (and two friends), the most players we’ve in one sitting in years! Members drove in from St. Cloud, Eau Claire, and even Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Club business included updates on the MN Irish Music Weekend and the Fall Tionól. We’re hoping Martin Preshaw can give us a seminar when he’s in town later this month: details to come, as they develop.

We played the following tunes:

  • Kerry (Egan’s) Polka / Maggie in the Wood (polkas)
  • Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór / Planxty Fanny Power (O’Carolan planxties)
  • Rolling Wave / Rambling Pitchfork (jig)
  • Coppers & Brass (jig)
  • Return From Fingal (march)
  • Drops of Brandy / Leitrim Quickstep (slip jigs)
  • Dawning of the Day / Eagle’s Whistle (marches)
  • Heathery Breeze / Rolling in the Ryegrass (reels)
  • Rakish Paddy (reels)

Pat McCormick taught the tune “Return From Fingal,” the sheet music for which is available on our tunebook page.

Upcoming events for the next couple of months:

  • April 14th 8:00 pm: Comas (Isaac Alderson’s band) @ The Celtic Junction
  • April 25-ish: Martin Preshaw seminar?
  • May 4th 7:00 pm Open Mic @ The Celtic Junction
  • May 18th 2:00 pm: Brian Boru 50th Anniversary @ Shamrocks