Next Gen. Meeting: Sun. June 2nd

The next General Meeting of the Great Northern Irish Pipers Club will be held next Sunday at 3:00 pm at The Celtic Junction, 836 Prior Ave., in St. Paul.

Mick will give a demonstration, "Combining a C Chanter With D Drones." (He's got an article by the same name in the current issue of The Pipers Review, which he's emailed to all current members.) After the demonstration Mick will teach one of the tunes from that article, probably "Come In From the Rain."


3:00 Club business: upcoming events, report on M. Preshaw's visit
3:15 Tunes
3:50 Break
4:00 Demonstration: Combining a C Chanter With D Drones
4:20 Tune lesson: "Come In from the Rain"
4:40 Tunes
5:00 Meeting adjourned

Hope to see you next Sunday!