Set List: Sept. 1 General Meeting

Here’s a complete list of tunes we played at this past Sunday’s General Meeting:

1.  P&O Polka/Riding on a Load of Hay/Muirsheen Durkin/Jimmy Doyle’s Polka
2.  Walls of Liscarroll/East at Glendart/Bill Harte’s Jig
3.  March of the Kings of Laois
4.  Frost is All Over/Munster Buttermilk (jig)
5.  Out on the Ocean (jig; in both G and A)
6.  Donal in the Pigpen/Dancing Feet (Scottish jigs)
7.  Drops of Brandy/Leitrim Quickstep (slip jigs)
8.  Fermoy Lasses/Jim Kennedy’s/Tailor’s Thimble (reels)
9.  Road to Lisdoonvarna (reel, jig)
10. Bugle Hornpipe/Chief O’Neill’s Favorite/Standing Abbey
11. Jim Ward’s Jig/Cobbler’s Jig (Lark in the Strand)/Give Us a Drink of Water
12. Sliabh Russell/Blarney Pilgrim (jigs)
13. Heathery Breeze/Sean Reid’s Fancy/Sally Gardens/Peter Street/Come West Along
14. When the Cock Crows It Is Day/Saddle the Pony (jigs)
15. O’Sullivan’s March/Sporting Pitchfork/Rambling Pitchfork (jigs)
16. Fraher’s Jig/Garret Barry’s Jig/Sean Bui