C Chanter / D Drones Tunes

Here's a comprehensive list of pipe-feasible tunes from Francis O'Neill's "Music of Ireland" that are in the keys of E minor, A major, A minor, and various modes on E and A. As such, they're eligible candidates for the technique of combining a C chanter with D drones (or Bb chanter with C drones).

I. Airs
28O'Connell's Lamentationa minor
58The Parting Glassa Mixolydian
76The Widow's Daughtere minor
84The Brink of the White Rockse minor
87For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Namee minor
156The Widowed Bridee minor
169As I Roved OutA major
216The Alewomane minor
243The Fairy BoyA major
260The Boyne Watere minor & A major
266The Old Blind Barde minor
269Burn's Farewella minor
270The Church of Dromorea minor
290Green Shady BowersA major
319One Wife is Enough For Mea minor
332Forget Not the Angelse minor
333Lough Sheelinge minor
347The Road to HollyhillA Mixolydian
348The Weary Maida Dorian
371Let Other Men PraiseA Mixolydian
378There's an End to My Sorrowa minor
396Curse the Laws That Gave Me Causea minor
397America Lies Far Awaya Dorian
468Johnny Fill Up the Bowl (When Johnny Comes Marching Home)a minor
492The Lovers' Discoursea minor
580Bandon Bridgea minor
592Have You Seen My Valentine?e minor
II. O'Carolan's Tunes
628Young Catherinea minor
653Dermot O'Dowda Dorian
676Planxty Nancy VernonA major
697Planxty Madam Croftone minor
700O'Carolan's Farewell to Musica minor
III. Double Jigs
729Contentment is Wealtha minor
735The Basket of Turfe minor
738The Merry Old Maide minor
756The Templehouse Jige minor
765The Miller of Glanmirea minor
787Dan Rogers' Jige minor
858Lannigan's Balle minor
859Hide and Go Seeke minor
913Humors of Castle Comere minor
919The New Cloake minor
940The Humors of Passagee minor
970The Unfortunate Rakee minor
993Lock the Doore minor
1000The Old Grey Goosee minor
1033The Monaghan Jige minor
1084Sweet Biddy DalyA major
1104Come in From the Raine minor
1111Apples in Wintere minor
IV. Slip Jigs
1152Reaping the Ryee minor
1162The Hills of Irelande minor
1164Dublin Streetse minor
1173Johnny O'Sheae minor
1174A Fig For a Kisse minor
V. Reels
1217The Youngest Daughtere minor
1230The Templehousee minor
1245Peggy on the Settlee minor
1264The Ships Are Sailinge minor
1267The Merry Sisterse minor
1290Cunningham's Fancya Dorian
1296Jim Kennedy's Favoritee minor
1298Lovely Mollye minor
1310The Fermoy Lassese minor / G major
1316The Reel of Mullinavante minor
1324Miss Bradye minor
1339The Merry Harriers (vers. 2)e minor
1340Pat Tuohy's Reele minor
1345The Old Grey Gandera Dorian
1349The Star of KilkennyG major / e minor
1352Tie the Ribbonse minor
1360The Man With the Moneye minor
1398The Man of the Housee minor
1399The Pretty Blue Seagulle minor
1406The Pigeon on the Gatea Dorian
1414O'Reilly's Fancye minor
1423Considine's Grovee minor
1427The Humors of Ballinacarrige minor
1442Around the World for Sporte minor
1470The Humors of Schulla Dorian
1504The Smoky Housea Dorian
1505The New Potatoese minor
1519The Piper's Sone minor
1523The Field of Oatse minor
VI. Hornpipes
1657The Piper's Despaire minor
1734The Cuckoo's Neste minor
VII. Marches & Miscellany
1842With Biddy By My Sidee minor