Tionól 2010

May 14th – 16th, 2010
The annual GNIPC Tionól will be quite the event this year. We’ll be floating on a boat with our visiting artists Ivan Goff and Skip Cleavinger. The event will take place aboard the Convington Inn B&B with a Saturday concert at the all new Kieran’s Pub Titanic Lounge. Register now as we are limiting registration to 30 people.

Directions to the tionól (not the concert):
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From the West: Take I-94 eastbound to St. Paul to Hwy 52 south. Follow Hwy 52 south to the Plato Blvd exit. Turn west (right) onto Plato Blvd.From the East: Take I-94 westbound to St. Paul to Hwy 52 south. Follow Hwy 52 south to the Plato Blvd exit. Turn west (right) onto Plato Blvd.

From the North: Take 35E southbound to St. Paul to Hwy 52 south. Follow Hwy 52 south to the Plato Blvd exit. Turn west (right) onto Plato Blvd.

From the South: Take 35E northbound, take the Kellogg Blvd exit. Go right on Kellogg Blvd and follow to Wabasha Street. Go right onto Wabasha Street to go over the bridge. (East Lot – Turn left onto Water Street, which is at the foot of the bridge then follow directions below. West Lot – Turn right onto Plato Blvd then follow directions below.)

East Entrance – Covington Inn

Follow Plato Blvd to Wabasha Street. Turn right onto Wabasha Street and at the foot of the bridge turn right onto Water Street. Then turn left onto Levee Road, follow that down to the east parking lots.

Ivan Goff

Ivan Goff, an All-Ireland champion from Dublin, based in New York, Ivan plays uilleann pipes (Irish bellows-blown pipes), whistles and Irish wooden concert flute. A traditional musician with an eclectic background that includes master degrees in both musicology and computer composition, Ivan has performed in several well-known productions including extended engagements with Riverdance (US tour and Broadway), Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance and has featured in film scores such as recently-released Cremaster 3 (Matthew Barney) exhibited in the Guggenheim museum 2003.

In addition to performing as a solo artist, Ivan has collaborated as performer and composer in the theatrical productions Peacefire and The Voice of the Sea (Mac Uibh Aille) and has performed with numerous bands and artists including NYC-based Whirligig, Cathie Ryan and Irish traditional band Lúnasa.


Skip Cleavinger

Skip Cleavinger began his journey in traditional music in 1976 with his first instrument, the Highland bagpipes.  Over the course of 20+ years in the Scottish piping scene, Skip competed in many professional solo competitions and pipe band contests.  Exposure to recordings by Planxty, the Bothy Band and Moving Hearts stirred an interest in uilleann piping and led Skip to finally “take the leap” and order a set of uilleann pipes.  Skip met Benedict Koehler soon after getting his pipes, and Benedict has been a steady source of instruction, support and inspiration ever since.

Living near Nashville, Tennessee, Skip has been active as a studio and touring musician for the past 10 years.  Skip has been fortunate to work with many great people over the years, performing and/or recording with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Martina McBride, Josh Groban, and Alison Krauss.  He has performed with many symphony orchestras across the U.S., including the Dallas Symphony, the Atlanta Symphony, and the Nashville Symphony.

Skip stays very active in Irish traditional music circles as well, participating in many festivals and sitting on the board of directors for the Northeast Tionól.

About the Venue
The Covington Inn is one of America’s few floating bed and breakfasts, buoyed and buffered as it is by the Mississippi River. Whether blanketed by snow or passed by summer’s silent barges, its riverside setting soothes and captivates.

Tickets for the Saturday night concert in the Titanic Lounge at Kieran’s Pub.

Register now for $65.

Add membership now and receive a discount. Only $80.

If you’re already a member, registration is only $55.

Uilleann Pipes for Highland Pipers – 3:00PM Sunday, May 16th. Only $10!
Have you ever been curious about the uilleann pipes? Are you a Great Highland bagpiper who is wondering what the similarities and differences are between these bagpipe cousins? Then this is your opportunity to gain some insight from someone who has his feet firmly planted in both worlds, guest Highland and uilleann piper Skip Cleavinger. You will glean some understanding of what aspects of piping transfer from the Highland Pipes to the uilleann pipes…and what do not… and where the two instruments share common ground.

Here’s the schedule for the weekend. You can click on the image to see a larger version, or click here to download a printable PDF.