Mtg. Set List 7/7/2013

What a great turnout and proliferation of tunes we had yesterday! For those of you who missed it, here’s what we played:

[march from Lúnasa’s first album]
Return From Fingal
O’Sullivan’s March / O’Sullivan the Great (marches)*
An Roghair Dubh (Black Rogue) / Rolling Wave (jigs)
Kitty Lie Over / Garret Barry’s Jig
Out on the Ocean / Fraher’s Jig
Jim Ward’s / Pat Ward’s Jigs
Rambling Pitchfork / Sporting Pitchfork (jigs)
Walls of Liscarroll / East at Glendart (jigs)
Drops of Brandy / Leitrim Quickstep (slip jigs)
A Fig For a Kiss / Kid on the Mntn (slip jigs)
Fermoy Lasses / Rakish Paddy (reels)
Bag of Spuds / Red Haired Lass (reels)
Peter Street / Sean Ryan’s Reel
Heathery Breeze / Rolling Thru the Ryegrass (reels)
Sally Gardens / Come West Along the Road (reels)
The Silver Spear (reel)
Maggie In the Wood / P & O Polka
[two other polkas via Shaw/McCormick]
Aoibhinn Crónán (air)
Chief O’Neill’s Favorite (hornpipe)
Higgin’s Hornpipe / The Cuckoo

*grouped for readability; this isn’t a chronologically accurate set list per se)